When the time comes to buy a new car, drivers may consider the 2018 Subaru Outback near Hilton Head, SC and the Chevy Equinox near Hilton Head, SC. Upon researching both vehicles, however, one comes out the clear winner in a head-to-head competition. The Outback has numerous features that distinguish it from the Equinox and make it the perfect ride. What are some of these features?



Before buying a car, every driver wants to take the vehicle for a drive to see how it performs. Those who get behind the wheel of the 2018 Outback notice it produces more horsepower than the Chevy Equinox near Hilton Head, SC. The 2.5i standard DOHC four-cylinder engine puts out 175 horsepower, while the Chevy Equinox 1.5 turbo four-cylinder engine only produces 170 HP. Furthermore, drivers who choose the 3.6R DOHC six-cylinder Outback find it beats the 1.5 turbo four-cylinder Equinox in numerous tests. This includes the zero to 30 mph, zero to 60 mph, the 45 to 65 mph passing, and the quarter-mile tests.

Drivers want to know how much it will cost them to operate a vehicle. While the asking price is of importance when a car is first purchased, the long-term costs tend to take on more importance once a driver is behind the wheel. Choose the 2018 Subaru Outback near Hilton Head, SC and you’ll find you save each time you go to the pump. The reason for this is the Outback runs on regular unleaded gas. To operate the 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder Equinox, Chevy recommends premium gasoline. This significantly increases the running costs, and drivers are sure to feel the pain every time they go to fill up.


Passenger and Cargo Space

People often purchase a midsize SUV as a family car. For this reason, the amount of cargo and passenger space becomes of great importance. When purchasing the 2018 Outback, drivers find they get more of both when compared to the Chevy Equinox near Hilton Head, SC. The Outback offers 108.1 cubic feet for passengers as opposed to the 103.2 cubic feet found in the Equinox. Furthermore, the Subaru offers more front headroom, legroom, hip room, and shoulder room, as well as more headroom, hip room and shoulder room in the rear.

Regarding cargo room, the Outback wins here also. Put the rear seat up and there will be 35.5 cubic feet of cargo space. The Equinox only offers 29.9 cubic feet. When the rear seat is down, the Outback offers 73.3 cubic feet versus the 63.5 found in the Equinox. Families are sure to appreciate the added space.

Visit our Subaru dealership near Hilton Head, SC today to take the 2018 Outback for a test drive. Once you do, you will understand why so many drivers have fallen in love with this vehicle. From the warranty to the passenger space, the 2018 Subaru Outback near Hilton Head, SC comes out on top again and again. It’s easy to see why both Consumer Reports and Car Book recommend this model over the Equinox. In addition, J.D. Power and Associates lists the Outback as one of its top three picks in the midsize SUV owner reported satisfaction category. The Equinox didn’t make it into this group. As a result, drivers find it simple to pick between these two models with the Outback winning every time.