Reasons to Test Drive a 2018 Subaru WRX near North Carolina

It's no secret that we're big fans of the 2018 Subaru WRX near Hilton Head, SC here at the dealership, and this version is our favorite yet. Within a few years, Subaru will almost certainly move the WRX to the Global Platform that now hosts the Impreza. In the meantime, the current WRX is a well-refined performance car that remains every bit as fun to drive as ever. As a result, interest in the 2018 WRX has been extraordinarily high.


Years of Tweaking, Tuning, and Upgrading Yield the Best WRX Yet

The current generation of the WRX has roots stretching back almost six years, when Subaru first introduced its FB series of engines. Since then, every new version of the WRX has retained the fixes and improvements made to earlier models while adding plenty of its own.

As a result, the 2018 Subaru WRX near Hilton Head, SC stands out as a highly evolved car with a lot of character on the roads. Some of the upgrades and improvements for the 2018 model-year that have impressed us the most include:

·       A smoother, quieter ride. The WRX is very much a performance car, and that means a fairly stiff, aggressive suspension is a must. At the same time, WRX owners appreciate being able to cruise in comfort when conditions call for it, and Subaru's engineers have listened. At highway speeds, hum and wind noise have been reduced significantly, with the car also doing a noticeably better job of absorbing bumps along the way. Even so, the all-wheel-drive WRX remains every bit as eager and capable when asked to dig into corners and put down the power.

·       The new Performance package. No one buys a WRX for purely practical reasons, and most of our customers at the dealership are interested in hearing about performance upgrades. New for 2018, Subaru has gathered up a few of the most popular options into an affordable Performance package. That fits the Premium trim of the WRX with race-inspired, supportive Recaro seats up front, along with beefier brake pads and eye-catching red calipers. The moon roof also comes out to cut weight, making for an even more capable WRX come track day.

·       Better looks. The 2017 WRX was already a visually appealing car, and a few tweaks made to the front end for 2018 raise the bar higher. While the overall look remains mostly the same, the slightly wider lower grille gives the 2018 version a more cohesive visual character. Some clean up around the fog lights likewise contributes to an even more polished overall design.

A Truly Well Rounded WRX

The 2018 Subaru WRX near Hilton Head, SC is a fine example of how an already-great car can be made even better over the years. We've enjoyed driving every version of the current generation of the WRX, and the 2018 model manages to raise the bar even higher.

Our customers have felt the same way, with the 2018 WRX making for one of the most popular test drives in the Hilton Head area. Combining true driving excitement with a good deal of refinement in ways that few cars can match, the 2018 WRX deserves all the praise it receives. Stop by the dealership to test drive one yourself, or give us a call at 888-430-0231 with any questions. 

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